How to Use 360° Virtual Tours to Wow Clients

Julia Smith

There is no need to explain why a 360° virtual tours of a property can bring a total change of mindset when we sell a property. Today buying home spaces have become more about the appropriate vibe, the apt mood, and the proper setting of the property.

Thus keeping such things in mind, we at Depic Studio have taken the responsibility to deliver the best 360° virtual tours. Because, today human beings love to live in the moment, and a virtual tours for a real estate could enhance the viewing experience of property for the customers.

For example, somebody would love the way the sunlight comes in the house. And that moment for them would be most magical. And at that moment he might decide that, wow he wants to buy that place.

All thanks to virtual reality. What’s more, is this can all happen before the buyer has even set his foot in the house.

The real estate industry has come a long way when it comes to selling properties. Consider the pre-digital times to date. A lot has changed, where we went from sending ads in newspapers and posters to states of art to online markets with plenty of photos.

Well, virtual reality is the new milestone. It has already increased the sales numbers of the real estate industry drastically and will amaze you more along the way.


Importance Of VR (Virtual Reality) Over Video

1. 3D Technology and Virtual Reality – Are The Future

According to (NAR – Numerical Analysis Research) survey, the study culminated that 82% of homebuyers rated virtual tours very useful. In addition to which 70% of agents claimed that their consumers asked for virtual tours to be made available.

A 360° virtual tour for the real estate industry worked as a boon. Because as per buyer, the use of 3D Tour became easy for them to look at lots of houses in a short period. And on the sidelines, it was more fun to look at a 3D panoramic 360° view of the property. Thus 3D tours became a more convenient and safer option.


2. Virtual Reality vs. Video:

The prime difference between VR and video is, VR can be redesigned and recast to what the viewer wants to see. In the video, you will always have the same experience. And you can’t pause it and see the same thing in real-time.

According to Goldman Sachs, Virtual & Augmented Reality will become an 80-billion-dollar industry this year. The ground reality of this subject is that most consumers will be expecting to use this technology at some point in the home-buying or selling process.


3. Complications to VR:

Since traditional viewing in VR was often expensive, complicated, and tiring. That is why it transpired only used for high-end listings.
While our response to that is we at Depic Studio have created an easy and affordable DIY solution to the 3D virtual tour of properties.

With Depic Studio we made a one-shot solution to this, where you only need a 360° camera, and we can seamlessly capture your house within 30 minutes with our team intact. And send a report back to you with our designs and combinations catered to your liking.

Ways to Differentiate Yourself in The Market –

  • Make your property amazing to others.
  • Show that you have all the latest tools and technology to create fully qualified showings that could help you sell your home.
  • Leverage for an exclusive buyer through the use of VR.
  • Put out posts regarding the 3D Virtual Tours for your Real Estate.
  • Using the pre-listing/ lead generation campaign to show potential buyers how different is the 360° virtual tour for your real estate.
  • Put the property virtual tours accessible to anyone, anytime, and top it up by inviting 25 potential buyers to viewn the properties in real-time.


Ways to Initiate The 360° Virtual Tour into Your Real Estate Website

There are diverse visual options for initiating 360 virtual tours into your website. Each option can provide a different level of intensity, making it an enticing experience for the buyer or the visitor.

1. Frame :

When we use the frame option, it provides a very captivating experience. The potential customer’s attention is on the object alone and is not distracted by other content. A favorable position for them to say, wow!


2. Full Width :

Thus when we use the full-width of your browser instead of the frame choices, it would have a better advantage. And enhance the experience not only for the viewer but also for the buyer. While they enter the website.

That means there is no need for progressive guidance, and the visitor is gently pulled into an experience by itself. While you are using the full width of the screen, but in contrast to the frame option. Some other content on the screen could prove to be distracting. Although on a real estate marketplace, you need to initiate a web link to the ad information. So the visitor would know, How the 360° virtual tour is then displayed!


How to Set Up A 360° Virtual Tour Of Your Property?

  • Customize your property for the 3D virtual tour of the real estate
  • Thumbnails per tour
  • Logo and custom branding
  • Icons for points of interest
  • Experience, attention to detail, etc
  • Short destruction of the property in different languages
  • The exact location of the property on the map
  • Contact info of your real estate agent and property marketer
  • Image editing
  • Floor plans
  • Share Your 360° Virtual Real Estate Tour
  • Embed it on your website via plugins that will directly embed you to find a 360° 3D virtual tour of properties.
  • Share a Web-Link, via social media platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

With Depic Studio’s 3D virtual tours, you can save time by seamlessly creating, sharing, and managing tours. And make money through lead generation for listing and buyer’s agents and grow by developing new business relationships with tech.